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October 8, 2011
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D and D 3.5 Team by SurelyAwesome D and D 3.5 Team by SurelyAwesome
This is me and my friends party of D and D characters. From left to right.

Gigor Holderheck. Level 9 Dwarf Fighter. He has an extremely odd obsession with with his axe. The most common thing out of the players mouth was, and I quote, "I hit it with my axe." At some point he got a magical axe that he could toss boomerang style and have it returned to him.

Thanos, King of the Forest. Level 9 elf Ranger. This was me. Thanos had an uncanny ability to kill things with a bow and arrow that shouldn't die from it, such as stone golems, but totally screw up on like, orcs or goblins. Also, he had an animal companion. It was a wolf named Cinder. He had a great relationship with the wizard, and a horrible one with the fighter. The wizard would cast stuff like, double animal's size. Causing total awesomeness explosion. And the dismemberment of Mind Flayers.

Admiral Wolverine Lightning Bolt. Level 9 elf Wizard. He was sweet because half of the fights that where too hard for us could be solved by lightning bolt. It was kind of his thing. Then at some point he got a talking leather coat that had pockets that worked like a bag of holding.

I made this off of a template.
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